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Human Are Better At Sniffing Out Scents

Scientists from the Rutgers University have done a research that breaks the old myth that animals are better at sniffing out scent. The research was led by neuroscientist John McGann, associate professor in the Department of Psychology, School of Arts and Sciences.

As per the researchers, the myth that humans have a lesser sense of smell has survived for the last 150 years with no scientific proof. However, McGann, has been studying the olfactory system, or sense of smell, for the past 14 years, spent part of the last year reviewing existing research. He has come up with different insights about the old belief.

For the research the professor, delved into the historical writings that helped him to create the long-held misconception. Moreover the scientist also studied how the brain understands sensory stimuli using information gleaned from prior experience, to prove the facts. McGann stated that, “for so long people failed to stop and question this claim, even people who study the sense of smell for a living”. 


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