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Humans Change Earth's Chemistry After Death

Scientists from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague have done a research on the human bodies. According to the scientists, whether human bodies are buried or cremated, they leak iron, zinc, sulphur, calcium and phosphorus into the ground that may later be used as farms, forests or parks.

The researchers have cleared that after the death of a human body it leaves a mark on nature in a form of changes in the chemistry of the valued soil. Funerary practices mean they are being determined in cemeteries instead of being detached evenly throughout nature, said the researchers. As a result of this uneven dispersion, the nutrients may be over-concentrated in some places for optimal absorption by plants and creatures, while lacking in others.

Moreover, human bodies also contain more menacing, elements, such as mercury from dental fillings. The scientists have warned that what we do today with the dead can become a matter of concern for our future environment.

Content: Hindustan Times

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