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Identification Manual for Tourists by Bandhavgarh Reserve

Currently Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh is working on a system that enables the visitors to identify the big cats by their characteristics. This is the first time that a National Reserve Park has done something which contradicts the Pan- India norms. As per the reports the National park which is located in northeast Madhya Pradesh offers classification books to the visitors. With the help of the guide book visitors are allowed to identify tigers. The book is based on 24 tigers roaming in the 106-sq-km area.

The books come in a printed form where tourists get the photographs of each tigers in different angles. As per the officials the book also contains pictures of tigers with unique line patter and other features. According to the book’s guidelines each of the 2,500-odd tigers in the country’s 49 reserves has a unique ID. However the existence of the facts, related to the animals, is still undiscovered or not available for public, said the officials.

The officials have also added that the book is being sold by the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. Additionally collected money is used for the welfare of the workers who works at the ground level.


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