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Illness Tracker Fabric by India-Origin Scientist

An Indian-origin scientist at the University of Rhode Island is planning to convert wearable cloth that can sense illness as well as can keep a health tracker.

The research has been led by Kunal Mankodiya, Director of the University's Wearable Biosensing Laboratory. According to Mankodiya, the research is based on transforming wearable into high-tech items. The researchers said, after the transformation, these wearable will be capable of maintaining people’s health.

The research focuses on smart textiles and wearable items embedded with sensors, electronics and software. Not only this, smart textile can also collect data from patients, even though they are at home, and convey it to doctors.

Currently, the scientists are working on smart gloves. These smart gloves contain sensors on the fingers and thumb that measure symptoms of Parkinson such as tremors and rigidity. Additionally, the gloves are linked to cell phones that collect the data and deliver it to neurologists in their offices.  According to the researchers, this new smart technology will help many patients. Along with smart gloves, the scientists are also working on high-tech socks for people who have suffered strokes.


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