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India- China Collaboration to Explore Hiuen Tsang’s Discovery

Currently China is shaking hands with Bihar Government to discover and excavate several spots in Pataliputra. China is planning to invite India soon with an aim to rediscover the findings.

The team wants to understand the discoveries mentioned in the book of Xuan Zang, recognized as Hiuen Tsang. A scholar and traveler and a Buddhist monk Hiuen Tsang (602--664 AD) was one of the most important historian. He was the witness of the exchange between two of the oldest civilizations India and China. The historian has also mentioned about Nalanda University and Rajgir Hills in his travelogues.

Hiuen Tsang had also mentioned the discovery of Ashokan pillars, footprints of the Buddha on a rock, remains of the Buddha’s skeleton and similar reserves. The researchers are planning to explore the earlier discoveries for which they are going to use modern gadgets. As per the reports, the gadgets will include a Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR), Light Imaging Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), drones, and satellite imaging.

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