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India Failed to Achieve English Proficiency

As per the current reports, China is improving their general English proficiency with each passing day. On the other hands, India has lost two spots in English proficiency rankings. According to the new report by Swedish Education Company, EF Education India is placed at the 22nd spot.

The company has analyzed the data while comparing the rank achieved by India in 2015. In the year of 2015, India was placed at 20th spot by the similar study. In the mean time General English ability in China has enhanced with time, however, is still lingering at the middle to the basic level, said the analysts.

As per the official data, China has risen up eight places to 39th among 72 countries and regions figuring well above Pakistan. The reports have shown that Pakistan was placed at 48th spot. It is the result of China’s best effort that, two residents of china, Shanghai and Hong Kong, were found to be the most proficient in English, state-run China Daily reported.

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