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India Needs to Revamp Its Education System

Indian history is rich in culture and tradition and our education system had been a part of it too. We were home to some of the world's greatest universities that showered knowledge on both the natives and the foreigners. But, with the advent of British Raj in India, our ancient education system was ransacked and destroyed. Since independence, we have tried to come up with various educational policies and institutions but the strength of the educational system has never been revived. None of our colleges have managed to rank in the world top universities.

Educationalists believe that our system emphasises too much on the student than on the syllabus and the teacher. Being a teacher is seen to be at the bottom of the employment pyramid. Private schools and colleges acts more as a pampering agent that has made students attention seekers. These degradation of values have occurred overtime and has led to teachers drawing salaries even less than that of a government fourth-class employee.

Government should take some major immediate steps to refurbish our education system. First, the government should introduce a steady pay system for all the teachers (both public and private) across the nation. Second, they should allow professionals such as doctors, lawyers etc. to teach in schools. Other policy change such as on demand board exams, national level test after Class XII and allowing top foreign universities to open campuses in India can certainly make our education system more alluring.

By: Neha Maheshwari


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