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Indians Are Now More Pessimistic About Modi Government

The Modi government has left people in a difficult situation, the Reserve Bank of India found in a survey. Although they have promised to bring achhe din but despite of that the consumers seem to be more pessimist about general economic situation. The consumer Confidence Survey of the RBI reveals that the consumers are more pessimistic then they were at the time when Narendra Modi came into power.

The results of the latest survey reveal that the 48 per cent of the customers felt that the general economic situation has declined from the year ago while only 31.9 per cent felt that there is some growth in their economic condition which means that now more people think that the economy has worsen as compared to 2014 when Modi became Prime Minister. The same thing happened with the job front too as according to the survey of May 2018 31.5 per cent felt that the jobs situation had improved while 44.1 per cent felt that it had declined. Similarly, the perception of income growth has become more pessimistic while the perception about inflation has improved. Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi were the six metropolitans where the surveys were conducted. Around 5077 responses on households’ perceptions and expectations were obtained.

By: Divya Thakur


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