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Innovative Education - A Call of The Hour

The call for adopting innovative technology in higher education was the spotlight on the second day at SXSW EDU as entrepreneurs, school leaders and Education Secretary in the US, Betsy DeVos made speeches all through the day.

Unleashing the innovation and bringing change in the current system of education is the new mantra of educationalists throughout the world. Rethinking innovation that would make children live a situation rather than going back to books to study a concept should be rather preached is what revealed by Michael Sorrell, president of Paul Quinn College.

In the words of Ann Gadzikowski, an author and early childhood coordinator at Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development, talking to children about intelligent machines is never too early as inquisitiveness led to innovation.

For instance, children are often seen to build relationship with inanimate objects so talking to them about artificial intelligence would never be too early anyway, even as early as a kindergarten. However, in this context, teachers are required to feel more empowered through front-end training.

Top notch countries leading edtech globally includes China, India and the UK, with China leading the list with more than 1$ billion investment in edtech companies. China boosts in entrepreneurial and investment activities revealed Sophie Chen, a partner at the Chinese edtech media group JMDedu. Though parents inspire children to learn online, the same is also seen in school settings.


By: Subrata Dey


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