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ISRO Ready for Two Satellite Launches

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has scheduled to launch two satellites in the month of September.


According to the report by ISRO, it was scheduled to launch four key satellites within three months and lock to seventy satellites in the coming year.

Two more launches such as GSAT- 18 and Resource Sat-2A to be launched in October and November 2016.


As per the announcement by the officials, the two launches (INSAT-3DR and SCATSAT-1) are ready for the month of September.


The officials have revealed, that a weather forecast satellite, ScatSat is to launch at the end of September. Not only this the scientists have also added that ScatSat has the capacity to observe sea surface wind and can foresee cyclones.


As stated by the Researchers a (PSVL) Polar Satellite Vehicle is to be used for the launch, and it can be changed or replaced for Oceansat-2.


INSAT-3DR, which is a follow- on to the previously launched satellite called INSAT-3D, is programmed for 8th September and by the end of September along with an Algerian satellite as its co-passenger.



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