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It Is Never Too Late To Study

It is never too late to take up studying. One can never be too old to learn. Learning isn’t something that is restricted by age if one has the inclination. It will always open new avenues to explore and experience life in a completely different dimension.

In India it is very common to come across a big section of people who had to opt out of school due to poverty. Apart from the financial aspect women education was always in the back burner.  Early marriages, quick succession of children closed the doors to education for not so keen ones. This also applies to men. As a result of early marriages many men leave their education midway and start earning to support their growing family. A very common phenomenon, especially in rural India.  However, 44 year old Rajni Bala had quit her studies 30 years ago due to family problems. She quit when she was in the 9th standard, had got married and gone about raising her family, the very usual story. However, Rajni Bala turned the very usual story unusual by appearing for the 10th class Board exams along with her son. She worked as a ward attendant at a civil hospital where she realized education could change things for her. Her husband Raj Kumar supported her in her pursuit of education. Though initially it was difficult for her to balance home, job and studies, but with support from her family she continued and aspires to complete her graduation.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena



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