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Latest Cholesterol Treating Mechanism

Cholesterol is always considered as a disturbing factor. Doctors always try to improve the level of good cholesterol and eliminate bad cholesterol from our body.A new research in this regard has shown a new pathway in the cholesterol-elimination chain that will be a key to developing new drugs to lower cholesterol level in our body. Earlier it was said that cholesterol is transported from the arteries with other lipids and proteins and enters a particle that remained in the blood for several days before being cleared by the liver for disposing it off.

Scientists have discovered that the cholesterol skips all these steps and goes directly to the liver in two minutes.This process is a thousand times faster than what was formerly presumed. This research has been done with the motive to better understand how the "good" HDL cholesterol contributes to cardiovascular disease and how we can raise it in a way that protects the heart. With the current statin therapies LDL cholesterol, the so-called 'bad cholesterol' is well controlled.

The result has shown that these cholesterol-lowering drugs have better results in terms of raising good cholesterol and lowering the level of bad cholesterol. HDL, or the 'good cholesterol,' has also the drawback that it is a very trickier system. Research is going on to know the technique to improve good cholesterol in a way to prevent cardiovascular disease effectively.


By- Anita Aishvarya


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