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Let’s Make Ecosystem Better

Lord Nicholas Stern, a world famous economist and environmentalists from London gave a seminar in Nagpur. The seminar was organized by Maharashtra forest department on “Forests, Climate Change and the future of young India”

Stern told students that every year Earth’s temperature is rising by four degrees and we need to rectify this issue. He urged students to start contributing in saving Earth. He emphasized on using energy efficiently and expanding the area of forests. Also, move towards not – conventional sources of energy and preserve dense grasslands from exploitation. Social, political and economic measures were discussed to save the environment.

Students should start saving resources in schools, discuss on environmental affairs with parents and support forest department. Founding editor of Sanctuary Asia Magazine Bittu Sahgal said that Nagpur is much greener as compared to other cities. He also added that children should adopt measures told by Stern to cope with the current scenario.

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