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Life May Be Possible On Mars

The mars soil experiment at the Wageningen University & Research saw two young worms as its first offspring. A biologists name Wieger Wamelink found the worms in the Mars soil simulant that had been obtained from NASA. In the beginning he had only added adult worms. The experiment that was conducted is a crucial one as it aims to determine if people can keep themselves alive on the red planet and grow their own crops on the mars soil.

A sustainable closed agricultural ecosystem is necessary if we aim to feed humans on Mars. The worms play a crucial role in that, as they are responsible for breaking down the soil and recycling dead organic matter. For a sustainable existence on the red planet the poop and pee of the mar humans will also be needed to be used, but considering the safety issues the researchers are currently using pig slurry.

They also tried the adding manures to the soil, which not just stimulated growth but also ended up with us finding two young worms in the mars soil stimulant.

Let’s see where the studies take us further. We may end up making life possible on mars.

By: Srishti Anand


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