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Link between Human and Neutron Star

The researchers have done an amazing study that shows a connection between a neutron star and human cell. According to the study, the outer layer of the neutron star has a similar shape as our cellular membranes. Neutron stars are space body with super strong magnetic powers, made out of distorted star cores.

According to the scientists human share geometry of the substance with the neutron star. Additionally, despite being fundamentally different, both humans and neutron stars are restricted by the same geometry. The scientists have suggested that people have to understand the world of nuclear matter to know the discovery better. Because of the weird shape, the nuclear world has been named as nuclear pasta by the scientists.

A long term revolting force transforms nuclear pasta into the dense crust of a neutron star, said the scientists. Moreover, the scientists added that two opposite forces work against each other to build itself in a scaffold-like way which looks similar as the inside of the biological cells.



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