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Man from Kerala Invented a Technology to Help Differently Abled

Biju Varghese, an engineer from Kerala, India, has invented a technology that allows people in wheelchairs to drive using a hand-operated brake, clutch and accelerator lever. Additionally, this device can be fitted on to the gear of any car in 15 minutes.

The developer said this new technology is a car engineering system that helps people with special needs, who want to drive. The 44-year-old award winning entrepreneur Biju has also exhibited his 'Spince Engineering' stall at the 'Vyapar 2017’ meet.

The ‘Vyapar-2017’ meet, organized by the Kerala government to showcase its robust Small and Medium Enterprises sector, also appreciated the initiative taken by Biju.

The system developed in 2003 and approved by Automotive Research Association of India. The 'Vyapar 2017' organizers explained that the system can be fitted in 15 minutes with no alterations to the car and can be removed just as easily.

Though the unit can cost between Rs.15, 000 to Rs.30, 000, Biju decided to offer it free of cost to those who cannot afford it.

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