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Manish Sisodia Asks Delhi Teachers to Cut Down Syllabus by 20%

Deputy Chief Minister & Education Minister, Manish Sisodia, has asked the school teachers to reduce the curriculum by 20%. “We were told we won’t be allowed to reduce the syllabus, so we have told our teachers verbally not to teach 20%syllabus and not to use it to test students. We need to have revolutionary thinking.” he said on Thursday.
He suggested a survey to find out how many private schools are owned by politicians and in how many schools, politicians & retired government officers are board members. “In books, students read fairy tales. We teach students about fairy tales about a princess who is ugly and then gets beautiful upon praying. Students learn that it is important to be beautiful. Such books & chapters need to be thrown away. Such things can’t be taught. But as we can’t change the syllabus, we must tell students that it is not right. And instead teach them about beauty of heart.
He said commercialization cannot be stopped but quality of teaching can be improved at government schools.

The Hindustan Times

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