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There are many forms of energy surrounding us. These include the heat in the room, sunlight and one’s movements. All these normally go wasted. Scientists from the University of Oulu, Finland, have discovered a material which can simultaneously convert multiple forms of energy into electricity. This provides a great source to power wearable technology, ranging from smart watches to biometric sensors.

This material is a mineral that has a perovskite crystal structure. It has the right properties to simultaneously harvest energy from multiple sources. Perovskites are a group of minerals. Many of these depict properties for deriving one or two energy types at different times, but not simultaneously. One of them may be a good option for solar cells while another for temperature, and another for motion.

However, just one energy form is not always available. For instance, it may be cloudy, or you can’t move because you are in a meeting. This calls for multiple minerals to harness multiple energy forms. But that is bulky for a small, portable device.

This newly discovered wonder material is called as KBNNO. The details about it has been published in the journal Applied Physics Letters.  



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