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Memes and Its Psychology

We all have heard about the term ‘meme’ as it has taken world by the storm. Meme is an image, video etc. that is passed electronically from one user to another. These images and videos have fascinated the world how fast they spread through the medium of social media sites. Memes are all about ideas that spread. But when internet came into a partnership with meme, it added a fun element to it as well. We all know how internet became a social exchange medium along with the new cultures emerging every other day. Not only the image and videos but also all the hashtags, website, word is a meme in itself. We have a new meme created every day.

Memes are all about psychology where a person invents a new meme according to their own psychology. When we focus on an image meme, they involve both image and text attached to it. The image remains the same but the text change. For example - the Sad Stormtrooper meme is from Star Wars and people who watch and relate to those movies can relate to situations where a StormTrooper could be sad. From there, the text adds content to the image. The text may have nothing to do with Star Wars but as long as the audience relates to the two together, then the meme will usually spread. Memes are a form of communication which spreads information throughout the Internet.

By: Swati Kaushal




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