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Micro Solar Domes to Light up Lives


Dr S. P. Gon Chaudhary, an Electrical Engineer from Jadavpur University has created a device that is lightning up millions of lives living in slum areas. Dr Chaudhary, an expert in the area of renewable energy has worked in this field for the last 25 years. He has created this micro solar system and patented it on his name.



A plan which was initially started from illuminating over 10 dark huts in kolkata slums is now going to illuminate the life of the millions. Now the Government is planning to project this device at different areas of the country.

The device has been created with the aim of illuminating at least 10 million homes across the country.


Micro solar dome is a device that catches sun light and centralizes it inside the dark room. The best part of this system is that it works without creating pollution. Unlike any other device this solar dome does not need to switch light energy to electrical energy, as it works on the formula of light-reflection.


According to the experts, this millennium device can be a great help for people, who live in slum areas and do not have access to electricity.




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