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Migrating Birds Travel Faster In Spring

A study on migrating birds has revealed that birds prefer to fly faster in spring than in fall. As the breeding time comes near, birds start flying faster as they have wide distance to travel. Moreover arriving late to their breeding grounds can change their generative success.


The researchers have also said that these birds put significant efforts to live in spring season than in fall. Past contradictory study has also shown that, it is hard to say birds move faster but they take shorter breaks during spring.


On the bases of the study the researchers said that the birds often compensate their lives because of crosswinds that could blow them. Scientists have also accepted that the process of documenting behavior has become much easy with the help of the radar. Now the annalists have a lot of data to understand flight behavior.


The researchers from University of Oklahoma have also revealed that the macro-scale strategy in flight-behavior of migrating-birds support flight strategy of migrants. A researcher from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Department of Defense, US conducted this study and got to know this information.


“Along with flight behavior, the study can also help to understand climate changes” said the scientists.


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