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More Cameras to Support Mars 2020 Mission

NASA's is very soon going to launch its very prospective Mars 2020 mission. The scientist of NASA has planned to use 23 improved versions cameras for creating sweeping panoramas, identify obstacles, and also for studying the atmosphere, and assist science instruments. These all together will provide wonderful and clear views during the rover's descent to the MARS. At first Mars Pathfinder went there only with five cameras in 1997.

Since that time there have been a lot of modifications and improvements have been done with cameras in terms of size, design, weight and quality. Mastcam, is going to be the the rover's main eyes during Mars 2020 mission that will include more colours and 3-D images for satisfying our knowledge. Mastcam-Z's stereoscopic cameras has the ability to support more 3-D images, which are ideal for the examination of geologic features and guiding potential space samples from a very long distances. The improved capacity of camera’s lenses will increase the time spent doing science and collecting samples on space during the mission.

For improving the telecommunications link the smart features have been added to the camera that will send not only 3D pictures but will also send high-speed video from there. NASA has planned to utilise the already existing spacecraft in orbit at Mars namely: the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, MAVEN, and the European Space Agency's Trace Gas Orbiter. They will be used as relays to support the cameras during the rover's first two years in space.



By- Anita Aishvarya

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