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Mystery of Sensory-Prediction in Premature Babies Solved

Scientists at Princeton University, the University of Rochester Medical Center and the University of Rochester have solved the mystery of sensory- prediction in premature babies.

As per the findings, babies born premature do not use their expectations about the world to shape their brains. Additionally, premature babies face the risk of developmental delays as they grow.

The scientists explained that in 6 month-old babies one portions of the brain, that allows the visual processing, respond not just to what the baby sees but also to what the baby expects to see. This discovery demonstrates that babies are learning from their experiences. However premature babies do not show that type of brain response to expectations, known as top-down processing.

The discovery also reveals that top-down processing is very essential for neural development.  Not only this, the research also helps researchers to understand about what might be going wrong in the case of prematurity. Additionally, the incapability for learning to shape the brain is possibly one of the reasons, said the scientists.

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