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NASA Reported Existence of Planet Nine in Solar System

The scientists from NASA said that the ‘Planet Nine’ does exist and it may be 10 times the mass of the Earth and 20 times away from the Sun than Neptune. It is believed that the Planet Nine could turn out to be our solar system’s missing ‘super Earth’ and it could be a planet with a mass higher than the Earth. Also, its mass can be substantially lower than the masses of Uranus and Neptune.

The evidence of its existence is somewhat indirect. The scientists added that mainly gravitational footprints are there but that is too enough for a compelling case. Konstantin Batygin who is a planetary astrophysicist at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the US pointed out to five different lines of observational evidence directing to the existence of Planet Nine.

Researchers said that the six known objects in the distant Kuiper Belt, a region of icy bodies stretches from Neptune outward towards interstellar space. Also, all have elliptical orbits pointing in the same direction.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: Hindustan Times

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