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Nature Playtime for Health

Children today are reporting about an increase in attention disorders and issues of depression. This is the first time in human history that the issues are being observed at such a large scale.

Studies have shown an increased health issues, childhood obesity and cyber bullying due to reduced outdoor playtime and access to nature. Studying the data about 30 years ago, it was found that at that time only a handful number of studies were there about restorative effects of nature on children.

Researchers of the University of Illinois found that children who play outside in greener environment show reduced attention disorders. Humans need experiences from the nature to help to help them grow physically, psychologically and have a good spiritual health.

We need to take the required steps to make sure that the children get the required time with nature. This can only be done if we make them mingle with other children of their age and follow the recently lost practice of making games and rules for their own self.


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