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New Applications That Keep Your Grey Cells Active

Students preparing for ‘All India’ level competitive exams will now have more opportunity to crack the exam and score better. There are several apps that can help those who are willing to secure top position. Online apps such as BYJU’s and Toppr are getting famous among thousands of aspirants.

Following are few of the top-rated and user-friendly M-Learning apps on Android and iOS. Topper: USP Toppr is the test preparation platform where the practice content is customized through programming algorithms. This app works on the strength and weakness of the student.

Besides Toppr, BYJU's, an app created by BYJU's Education Technology (Learning) company, focuses on contextual and visual learning. The qualitative, effective yet affordable online portal boasts of one of the biggest online question banks and lets students chart their progress. Additionally, these apps also eliminate the need of tutors.

The rise of Ed-tech companies in India has changed the map of the education system. Today, students can get a help to improve the lessons and take online mock tests to sharpen their preparation level.

Content Source: Hindustan Times


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