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New Genes for Intelligence Got Identified

A large dataset of 78,000 individuals were studied by scientists. They were studied to get information on DNA genotypes and intelligence scores. A team of scientists discovered novel genes and biological routes for intelligence.

One of the most researched traits in humans and higher intelligence is Intelligence. It is associated with important economic and health related outcomes. 52 genes for intelligence were uncovered in a study published in a journal Nature Genetics. Out of these 52 genes, 40 genes were entirely new discoveries. Majority of genes are found in brain tissue.  The genes detected are found involved in the regulation of cell development, in synapse formation, axon guidance and neuronal differentiation.

Danielle Posthuma who is the principal investigator of the study said that these findings gave clear evidences for the biological processes of intelligence. The study also described that genetic influences on intelligence are correlated with genetic influences on attainment of education.


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