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New Menace of Biometric Identity Theft

The new identification technology of Aadhaar card has widely spread all over India. The biometric based identity is now used by more than 1.1 billion people in India. Reports say that India’s use of biometric identification ranges wider than any other country.

Along with the ease of use of the biometric comes the issue of duplicate cards being issued. Random surveys suggest that citizens are using multiple driving cards, ration cards for a single identity. Only the Aadhaar cards has not yet being forged and still remains authentic to use and rely on. There have been cases of theft of identities like finger print, retina scan, etc. These identity elements are forged for making completely new identities.

Government is taking further steps to link Aadhaar card to pan cards and use them for everything including marriage, passports etc. Be careful with your and think twice before showing your thumbs up for any picture from now on.


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