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New Students Will Have to Sign Decency Affidavit, Asked Film and Television Institute of India

After witnessing last year’s protest by the students against appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as Chairman, Film and Television Institute of India has asked the new batch to sign a decency affidavit. The affidavit is a general conduct for declaration of maintaining decorum in campus and not insulting any faculty or staff members.
There was a fuss regarding such documents being asked to sight for the first time. But, the administration said that making students sign such declarations is not a new practice. There are in total 5 affidavits that are to be signed, samples of which are available on the FTII website.
Bhupendra Kainthola, FTII Director, stated the claims that ‘students have to sign such deeds for the first time,’ as “wrong”. He clarified that the 2014 batch students had to sign such declarations as well, at the time of their admissions.

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