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New Technology to Detect Faulty FB, Twitter Posts

The researchers have created a new device that can sense people who post wrong reviews through multiple social media accounts to promote opinions. A research has been conducted by the scientists from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) in the US. According to the analysts, this practice is known as ‘astroforfing’. The scientists added that this ‘astroforfing’ is a statistical method that analyses multiple writing samples.

While explaining the research the scientists added that it is little difficult for authors to entirely mask their writing style in their text. This new development is based on word choice, punctuation and context. Not only that, the scientists stated that this new method is capable of detecting whether one person or multiple people are liable for the samples.

The practice has already been used by businesses to influence social media users or online shoppers. The businesses use the practice by having one paid associate post false reviews on websites about products for sale.


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