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Observatories to Predict Accurate Earthquake Occurrences

Government has proposed to install 31 new seismological observatories in various parts of the country. This step will help the concerned authorities to identify and record the earthquake occurrences more accurately. This is supposed to get implemented by March next year.

The magnitude and other earthquake parameters are estimated using the ground motion data. This data is provided by the ground stations. A wide network of such ground stations will help scientists in giving early warning about any possible occurrence of earthquakes. At the present, no such techniques are present anywhere in the country to issue early warning during such emergencies and predict earthquake occurrence with accuracy.

IIT(Roorkie) is already working on developing an Earthquake Early Warning System. This project is being funded by the ministry of Earth Sciences. Such early warning systems give the authorities and people a few extra seconds or minute to vacate buildings and take necessary actions.

If implemented effectively this could be a huge step towards public safety and help in reducing the destruction caused by earthquake by a large scale.


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