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October: Best Month to Watch the Super moon

According to the expert 16th October is going to be the best day to watch the full moon along with other planets such as Venus, Saturn and Mars. Astronomers also suggested to the sky-watchers that evening is the best time to see other planets as Jupiter can be seen in the early morning.


According to the claim Mercury will also appear low near the eastern horizon till the second week of October. It is true that the moon orbits around the Earth and this time on 16th October moon will reach on the opposite side of the Earth.


This time the Moon will be at its full size and will also illuminate completely. The astronomers have also said that, this Super moon will be comparatively brighter and bigger. As per the researchers Super moon can be expected to be approximately 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than a typical full moon.


Additionally the scientist also added that October will see the rise of winter Hexagon that is created from six brightest stars. This hexagon shows the approach of winter season for the Northern hemisphere. That is the reason the Hexagon is known as a winter hexagon.

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