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Octobot: Flexible, Wireless Robot

A team of three hundred scientists from Harvard University have created a robot that is neither mechanical nor electrical. These tiny Octobot can easily fit on the human palm as these have been created with fluid.


The scientists have claimed flexibility in the newly created robots. The team has created the robot in such a way that they can be friendly with humans. These can be very pocket-friendly for people as these are inexpensive and made through a 3-D printer.


By adding some significant features in the development the scientists have created a human friendly device. The scientists have developed more than 100 robots where each robot’s fuel lasts between 4 and 8 minutes.


The robot can be turned at any particular direction because of it flexible design. Further the team of developers is planning to put some sensors to it. Sensors will help the robot to detect objects in its environment and will navigate accordingly as per the scientists.


As per the scientists these soft robots can be used for marine search and rescue, oceanic temperature as well as military surveillance.

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