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One Rupee Clinic Will Help You Check Blood Pressure At Home

One Rupee Clinics are going to start their community health division from 5th of April so as to raise the awareness about the Blood Pressure or BP among the locals. 2 nurses per station have been appointed who are in charge of visiting the various areas along with a few social workers every day to check the citizens' BP, according to the founder. This initiative was launched in May of 2017.

Under the initiative, a total of 17 clinics at both the Central and Harbour line stations have medically examined a total of 47,000 citizens. 15,000 out of all those who were checked were diagnosed with BP. BP is one of the highest medical services that is used by the citizens out of all the medical services that are provided by the initiative, according to Dr. Rahul Ghule who is the founder of One Rupee Clinic. The authority has also claimed that there are 2 out of 10 citizens that deal with issues related to BP, according to the community health division who are providing these services free of cost. The health services for the community will start at Byculla, Kurla, Dadar and Ghatkopar station and will continue to 13 other railway stations where the clinic is currently up and running. The aim of the initiative is to check around 8000 citizens every month through the initiative. They will also do a follow up for the newly diagnosed cases.


By: Neha Maheshwari


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