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Operation Flood: A Big Time Economic Success

Operation Flood in India which is commonly known as “White Revolution” was launched in 1970. This was a project of National Dairy Development Board and it was the world’s biggest dairy development program. The program made India the world’s largest milk producer from a nation of milk – deficiency.

With about 17 per cent of global output in 2010 – 11, India surpassed USA. Within a span of 30 years, the project doubled the availability of milk per person. Thus, the industry of dairy farming became the India’s largest self – sustainable rural employment originator. The target was not achieved by mass production but it was achieved by the production by masses.

The credit behind the success of program goes to Anand pattern experiment at Amul which was a single, cooperative dairy. Verghese Kurien was the man who gave thrust to this program. His professional management skills made a huge success.


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