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Organs-On-Chips Hugely Simplifies Data

The scientists from Harvard University, research department have developed a 3-D- printed organ-on-a-chip that can sense information. The scientists have claimed that this newly developed technology can make the scientists’ lives easy. The 3-D-printed organs-on-chips with integrated sensing is also known as micro physiological system.

According to the scientists, this automatic system can match the properties of a specific disease or even an individual patient’s cells. Along with its special features, this latest technology can help the research to collect the reliable data, stated the scientists. Currently, the researchers have suggested that organs-on-chips are capable of simplifying the data gaining. Additionally, the scientists confirm that this micro physiological system can copy the structure and function of native tissue.

The researchers can easily track the reliable data for traditional animal testing by using newly discovered 3-D-printed organs-on-chips. While considering the amazing feature of 3-D-printed organs-on-chips, the researchers explained that it can be a capable alternative of a researching tool.


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