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“Oumuamua” a New Visitor to Solar System

Our Solar system is full of surprises and shocks. Our solar system has a visitor. A new research has revealed that an object that is cylindrical shaped, dark in appearance and reddish in color, and that is almost a quarter-mile long, is coming towards our solar system.

It is also true that this object is not going to stay here. This object came blazing into our galaxy with the speeds of up to 196,000 mph. it is a very strange object and its amazingly fast speed reflects that it has not been originated from within our solar system any way. It is first of its kind that was observed by humans. Scientists used Pan-STARRS 1 telescope to discover that. The strange object has been named “Oumuamua’ that means messenger. Various speculations are being made about its identity. Some scientists are guessing that it can be an artificial object that it is a spaceship, which was monitored by a remote. It has been announced by the scientists this week that radio telescope will probe 'Oumuamua for signs of technology. Unlike other Planets and asteroids, Oumuamua immersed into our solar system from outside the plane. Its size is also very strange, unlike other asteroids. It is basically a lifeless rock. The most suitable radio telescope in for conducting these types of observations is the “Green Bank.”

By: Anita Aishvarya

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