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Owl’s Feather Inspired an Unique Wing Creation

Wings are very integral part of birds. They perform many activities with the help of their wings in order to protect themselves or conveying information to its community members.  Owl wings have the quality that allows air to pass resistively through the wings that helps in minimizing noise. Many species of owl are able to hunt without being noticed by their prey by suppressing the sound of their wings at sound frequencies above 1.6 kilohertz (kHz). Researchers have come up with a 2-D wing-like structure that could help minimize noise and maximize aerodynamics after being inspired by Owls’ wings’ unique feature. It will help in improving human-made aerodynamic design of wind turbines and specialized aircraft or autonomous drones. It is hoped that this technique will enable us to reduce the noise created by wind turbines. Researchers are looking ahead to create aerodynamic/aero-acoustic design of the wings and blades of small air vehicles, drones, or wind turbines seeking to minimize their noise through this technique. By using this formula a tool will be developed, that will give information how to minimize noise while maximizing aerodynamic properties by determining pressure distribution on the wing from any given description of the porosity and curvature of a wing area.

By: Anita Aishvarya


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