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Born in the coastal city of the southern Indian region, Kozhikode, Pilavullakandi Thekkeparambil Usha is popularly known as P. T. Usha. She is noticed as one of the iconic women athletes of track and field who she is named as Payyoli Express.

She was first noticed by an athletics coach O. M. Nambiar in 1976 at National School of Games during a sports prize distribution ceremony. After the event, O. M. Nambiar decided to coach and mentor her in the field of track and field as he had noticed her ability to become an astonishing sprinter. Very few people know that at the age of 16 when a child usually starts focusing on their career, P. T Usha had become the youngest sprinter to compete in the ‘1980 Moscow Olympic’. Usha’s feet did not stop at one place and she kept on putting her efforts to achieve more for the country.

As a result, she got eliminated in the heats of the 100 m finishing fifth and brought many gold, silver and bronze awards in various national and international games. Today, India holds a good number of athletes but the Payyoli Express is one of the finest and passionate professionals who chugs alone.


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