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Parents’ Support Affects Children’s Outlook on Exams

Success is crucial in life. But what is success? Is it scoring well in exams, or being the top of the class, or getting admission in top-most reputed colleges, or earning a salary in 7 digits, or buying a house, or all of this? Society tries to quantify success using all these parameters. Often parents also fall into this trap.

Millions of students appear for exams all across the country in this month. Parents try to motivate their children to do well. They help them with studies and try to provide all possible resources. But with all this, they sometimes forget the importance of emotional support. Children usually have a lot of pressure on them to perform well and make elaborate careers for themselves. Comparing them to their peers or siblings only demotivates them. Comparison is never healthy. Parents need to help children believe in themselves.

Exams should not create phobia in children. It defeats the entire purpose of education and learning. Education is about imparting knowledge to children and not about making them fear it. Parents need to instil in their children the joy of learning, the importance of following dreams, and to become the best in what they love to do. For a child, healthy support from parents can do wonders for him in exams as well as in life.



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