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Paris' Air Pollution Hits A New High With Smog Monday

The Parisians have been warned by the Ile-de-France authorities about the bad weather and the rising air pollution that is gripping Paris lately. Parisians experienced an alarming upsurge in fine-particle matter this Monday. Not a good start to the week. Paris is likely to officially surpass the "warning" threshold of the poor air-quality. There have been earlier reports in the past few years that Paris pollution might have been even worse than Beijing and Delhi. Smog levels of Paris are constantly compared to its high-end counterpart - London!

According to the Airparif, the monitoring network of the air quality in Paris for Ile-de-france, reported that the concentration of these very fine and unhealthy particles in the atmosphere expectedly to be somewhere between 45-55 µg/m3. The warning threshold of this perimeter is of 50 µ/m3 which has led Airparif to believe that the city can experience a dangerously high level of pollution. The capital needs to take some drastic action to avoid it. Paris police have called out to their drivers and motorists in Ile-de-France to reduce their speed to 100 km/hr from 130 km/hr on the motorways and 90 km/hr from 110 km/hr on fast lanes and dual carriageways. You can maintain a speed of 70 km/hr rather than 90 km/hr everywhere else. Anyone driving a vehicle that has a load of 3.5 tonnes in weight is asked to stay out of the capital.

By: Neha Maheshwari


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