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Pollution Affects Pulmonary Vascular Function

As per the report by Dr Jean-Francois Argacha, a cardiologist at the University Hospital (UZ) Brussels, Belgium, pollution is affecting the function of blood vessels. The cardiologist has claimed that the study as a unique report that has identified the manipulation of air pollution on pulmonary vascular function.

Experts have also suggested that this is a major health issue for people living in polluted urban areas.  Additionally, people living in urban areas avoid exercise, as exercise could damage the lungs and potentially lead to decompensate heart failure, said Dr Jean-Francois Argacha.

In a statement Dr Jean said, that promoting a safer environment is as important as controlling health risk factors, such as cholesterol and heart stroke. According to the expert health, awareness can help in reducing cardiovascular disease.

Air pollution contains particles and gases such as nitrogen dioxide, ozone, etc, explained the doctors. Beside the first vascular function that came in contact with air pollutants is the pulmonary flow. However, few studies have been investigated and worked on the impacts, stated the experts.

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