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Powerful Wind Detected On Giant Planet

A group of scientists have discovered that the gas giant HAT-P-7b is affected by large scale changes in the strong winds moving across the planet. As per the scientists’ observation, these strong winds are likely to lead to catastrophic storms. As per the scientists, this is the first time that such powerful winds have been found on a planet 16 times larger than Earth, over 1000 light years away.

Though, the first time ever that weather systems have been found on a gas giant outside our solar system, said the scientists. The detection was made by monitoring the light being reflected from the atmosphere of HAT-P-7b showing that the brightest point of the planet shifts its position.

The scientists have observed some changes in the position that are caused by an equatorial jet with radically variable wind-speeds. The clouds themselves would be visually stunning, likely made of up corundum, the mineral which forms rubies and sapphires, stated the astronomers.

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