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Protective Shield for Food Items

A researcher from US has come up with an idea to protect food items. A US based scientist has developed an environment friendly thin plastic wrap. These films are made from milk proteins and can protect food to get spoiled.


The scientists have claimed that, these environment-friendly films are up to 500 times better that usual plastic wraps. The capacity of keeping the oxygen away from the food is better than other plastic wrapping products which made these films more edible and sustainable.


 According to the study some plastics leak harmful compounds into the food.

In addition to this scientist also added, “The protein-based films are effective oxygen blockers and help prevent food spoilage.”   


Peggy Tomasula, a scientist from Agriculture Department of US said, “These environmental friendly wraps can be a helpful tool to prevent food waste during distribution along the food chain.”


Petroleum based food packaging is unsustainable and can not be degraded easily that makes tones of garbage for years. The researchers are creating a complete solution of better packaging to make the environment a healthy place to live.


Hindustan Times

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