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Psychological Therapies Can Prevent Eating Disorder in children

As per the scientists eating disorder in children, commonly known as Binge Eating disorder, can be treated with the help of psychological therapies.

These therapies are divided into two parts such as ‘family therapy’ and ‘cognitive-behavioral therapy’. The scientists have suggested that these two therapies help children check and change their eating habits and the way they respond to stress.

The family therapy combines the whole family in the process of helping the individual. On the other hand the cognitive-behavioral therapy includes the approach of helping people change self-defeating thoughts along with changing their behavior.

Counseling also helps children look at relationships they have with others and helps them work on areas that cause anxiety. Along with counseling, doctors may prescribe medication to be used with therapy.

The scientists stated that in many cases of Binge Disorder the patient faces stress, anger, Anxiety, sadness, and boredom.

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