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Pune Telescope Received Last Signal of European Lander

A huge telescope near Pune tracked the last signal sent from an aspiring European Space Agency mission. The Giant Meter Wave Radio Telescope (GMRT) is situated at Khodad, about 80 km north of Pune. 

As per the reports this telescope has 30 big dish antennas, each of a 45-meter diameter. The GMRT was guided by the European Space Agency to track the trajectory of the Schiaparelli as it neared the surface of Mars. According to the scientists, this giant telescope can track galactic signals by using its giant ears.

The scientists have observed the Mars Lander Schiaparelli landed on Mars. The scientists said they have received signals from the Schiaparelli till about two minutes before its touchdown. However it may not have survived the impact, as has not discharge any signals. According to the scientists, nineteen Indian telescopes were aligned to gather the signals. The telescope tracked the signal till two minutes before the touchdown of the Schiaparelli, after that, it lost the communication. The scientists added that the signals were lost at a point when special rockets or thrusters were to blaze. 

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