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Punjab’s Cotton Turned into ‘White Gold’ Again

“White Gold” is a term used by farmers for Cotton on its higher productivity. They regard it like this because of Cotton’s ability to bring high remuneration for farmers. The land under cotton in Punjab is also going to increase. It is expected to rise by more than 50 per cent. Last year, the land for cotton dropped to 2.56 lakh hectares.

J.S Bains who is the joint director of Punjab agriculture also said that revival of cotton will be seen more this year. The revival will take place in Southwestern districts where paddy was grown. The highest productivity is marked by this season of 2016-17 in the state.

In the past few years, whiteflies damaged the crop a lot due to which cotton production declined. The land for cotton may go up to four – lakh hectares this kharif season. A demand for cotton hybrids have also grown in companies like Rasi Seeds, DCM Shriram and Ankur.


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