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Puzzling Fact about Universe

A new study has claimed that our universe is constant and it does not have any sense of preferred location. As per the study the universe does not move or stretch however it increases consonantly in every direction.


The scientists have suggested that the galaxy which covers the universe give it a unique pattern. With the help of distinct models the scientists have measured the cosmic microwave background (CMB).


Through the study the researchers have analyzed a complete spinning and stretching motion. The study also analyzed how these motions could be seen in the CMB. The scientists have observed that if stretching and moving had been present, there should have been warm and frosty spots but they did not find any.



The researchers said that there is a possibility that the universe can be different depending on the direction it is viewed. However, the scientists have also mentioned that in near future there can be more implications on the number of studies on the universe.



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