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Raja Ram Mohan Roy: The Real Hero of 18th Century

The Pioneer of modern Indian Renaissance, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, is a real hero. Today, we know him for his great efforts for the society. He brought remarkable reforms in the 18th and 19th century India. The list of his efforts includes the abolition of Sati Pratha which was among one of the most inhuman and brutal acts.

Besides, his efforts were also instrumental in eradicating the purdah system and child marriage. In 1828, Ram Mohan Roy formed the Brahmo Samaj, uniting the Bhramos in Calcutta, a group of people, who had no faith in idol-worship and were against the caste restrictions.

Roy also got an opportunity to visit England as an ambassador of the Mughal King to ensure that Bentick's regulation banning the practice of Sati was not overturned. Moreover, Raja Ram Mohan Roy had a great contribution to create the freedom of speech in the country.

He was a staunch supporter of free speech and expression. He also fought for the rights of the vernacular press. He also brought out a newspaper in Persian called 'Miratul- Akhbar' (the Mirror of News) and a Bengali weekly called 'Sambad Kaumudi' (the Moon of Intelligence).

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