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Raven and Crows Have Small but Clever Brains

A research at a University in Sweden has suggested that crows and ravens have intelligent brains. The researchers have compared the intelligence of crow and ravens with Chimpanzees.


The analysts said that the neuronal quality and the structure of the birds' brains play an essential role in terms of their cleverness.  The scientists stated that the size of the brains does not affect the intelligence of the corvid birds.


These corvid birds can perform as well as apes in terms of intelligence as per the researchers. The scientists have conducted a test on different animal species, mainly primates and apes despite accepting the fact that cleverness is difficult to examine.


As per the researchers one feature of being intelligent is inhibitory control. The ability to override animal impulses and choosing a more rational behavior also comes under intelligence test stated the analysts.   


The research has shown that there might be other important factors those are essential for intelligence for instance neuronal density. This study can be a first step towards the understanding of a connection between bird’s brain size and intelligence added the scientists.

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